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Feline Fantastic

we love your pets as much as you do!


We love cats...& Dogs too!

Obedience training


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Specialized one on one play

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More than just a cat sitter…

We’re a cat friend! Let’s talk about pet anxiety & the loneliness our beloved furry family members can feel.

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Let us organize your paw play dates!

WHY we do what we do

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About us

Everything we do, we believe in surpasing the standard of quality for pet care. We believe in thinking differently about what pets mean to families. Each furry friend is an extension of your family & we want them to feel like an extension of ours too 🥰

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HOW we do what we do

*We service the Webster/League City area with customizable, affordable, & safety-verified pet care services.

*We take care to learn & honor every pet's unique personality & interests. This fosters a strong bond-your pet will be excited for future visits!

WHAT we do

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Give love to your pets like you do…

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